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Unleash the potential of big-data.

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We are here to help. With a best-in-class offering that supports data stewards and data governance teams in maintaining data integrity, compliance with regulatory frameworks, accuracy, and reliability of their data assets.

Exmon offers three core components – Data Management, Data Governance, and Process Orchestration.

ExMon's state-of-the-art platform is tailored for superior data quality management, acting as a powerful ally for efficiently overseeing, analyzing, and ensuring data quality across all aspects of your business. It enables enterprises to gain unparalleled control over their data, setting itself apart from other platforms by revolutionizing data control through a comprehensive approach that tackles various obstacles hindering business growth.

Key Benefits


Exceptional Data Management

Centralize data management with a single repository, establishing a unified source of truth. Seamlessly integrate key dimension information for Master Records like Products, Customers, and Vendors. Effortlessly integrate unstructured data, ensuring consistent quality and completeness while eliminating spreadsheets.

Robust Data Quality and Governance

Halt bad data in its tracks with proactive, real-time monitoring and rule-based validation. Automatically delegate issues for immediate remediation, ensuring data accuracy, completeness, and timeliness.

Powerful Process Orchestration

Visualize and control end-to-end data processes, closing gaps in the pipeline to prevent revenue leakage. Refresh data on demand for real-time insights and informed decision-making.

Continuous Monitoring

Mitigate operational risks through automated monitoring of various data types, ensuring compliance and protecting against revenue leakage.

ExMon distinguishes itself with an innovative master data management approach, providing a single source of truth for all data.

This foundational element drives actionable insights, optimizes operational efficiency, minimizes risks, and facilitates the achievement of business goals.

ExMon, a pragmatic and technology-agnostic tool, empowers IT to proactively monitor and prevent downstream data issues, assign non-technical data problems to owners, and offers a robust collaboration platform for monitoring, handling, and ensuring data quality and compliance in business processes.

Why Choose Exmon


Fast Time to Value

Launch a pilot in just 20 hours for rapid returns.

Scalable and Flexible

Start with a modest setup and escalate operations as you refine business processes.

Fit for Purpose

A comprehensive data quality and master data management hub, potent for IT and user-friendly for the business.

Enterprise Functionality, SME Pricing

Enjoy enterprise-grade functionality with support for development, testing, and production environments, granular access control, and on-premise deployment without breaking the bank.

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