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We are Perfinity

We assist the private sector and organizations in architecting and implementing smart ICT strategies.

Our advisory services aim at helping C-level executives, ICT professionals and tech startups.

We integrate digital technology into all areas of business and exploit new value producing opportunities at the intersection of IT systems and operations.

Our Expertise

We are in the ICT business since the 1990s.

As senior level executives, we have a track record in creating value for the stakeholders of some of the biggest ICT companies in SEE. That is why we are equipped with ICT knowledge and business expertise that make a difference in ICT advisory services.

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CIO as a Service

A full range CIO experience for:

  • Identifying areas where your company could leverage technology to improve efficiency, customer experience, and profitability.

  • Simplifying business processes with the power of digital transformation.

  • Minimizing or eliminating cost of business errors by uncovering insights from analytics.

  • Implementing cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things.

  • Gaining control and trusting in your data with the right data governance processes and tools.

All Services

Looking for a complete data governance solution?

Gain control and trust in your data. We are here to help. With a best-in-class offering that supports data stewards and data governance teams in maintaining data integrity, compliance with regulatory frameworks, accuracy, and reliability of their data assets.

In doing so, we provide the most comprehensive software solution ensuring the highest possible standards in terms of data quality, and security while offering a unique experience in all data governance aspects: from data cataloging and metadata management, to business dictionaries, data quality assessment, and data stewardship.

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